Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Sweet Start to dumping the baby weight! Nectresse 100% Natural, Zero Calorie Sweetener

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Nectresse™ Sweetener. All opinions are 100% mine.

Well, it's that time again. Back to School? Nope. Back to pre-baby body time! It's been 8 weeks since Little Man was born, and I've spent those 8 weeks loving on him and relaxing while my body heals. Now that I'm feeling great again it's time to get this body back in Super Mommy shape!

Recently, I was sent a sample box of NECTRESSE™Sweetener to try out and review for all you lovely people.

Nectresse product family.jpg

NECTRESSE™Sweetener is the first and only 100% natural sweetener made from fruit- monk fruit, that is, available anywhere you shop. Now, since I personally had no idea what a monk fruit is, I don't expect you to either. Here's a pic:

The monk fruit is a small green melon that historically, has been grown on vines in the remote regions of Asia for hundreds of years. Cute, huh? It's sweet too, and zero calories when found in NECTRESSE™Sweetener, as well as about 150 times as sweet as sugar, so it doesn't take much!

Full disclaimer here: I abhor sweetners. If it's not real sugar, it's not for me. I've just never been a fan. I'll take my iced tea plain and bitter over artificial any day. Nectresse sweetener, on the other hand, I actually LIKE! It looks just like sugar, and dissolves really fast- which is great for beverages.

Since iced tea is a staple in my afternoon routine, I decided to take it to my favorite glass of iced tea for the taste test. I have a Keurig machine, so I love to use the Celestial Seasons Brew-Over-Ice Unsweetened Black Tea. I use a full cup of ice, add one teaspoon of lemon juice, and this time, 2 packets of NECTRESSE™Sweetener. Stir and enjoy! Easy peasy.

If you're interested in trying NECTRESSE™Sweetener for yourself, scoot your mouse over to and sign up for your very own FREE sample of NECTRESSE™Sweetener. How nice is that?

But don't stop there. Check out their recipe section as well, they have tons of options for recipe modifications using NECTRESSE™Sweetener, from breakfast to dinner and, of course, dessert! Here are a few that I can't wait to try out:

Raspberry Mustard Vinagrette
umpkin Walnut Pancakes
Pomegranate Iced Green Tea

Yum, right?

Be sure to check out this fun message from NECTRESSE™Sweetener spokesperson, Lisa Ling. Channel One, anyone?? ;) Lisa has a long family history of diabetes, so she is super excited about Nectresse as an alternative, all natural, no calorie sweetener.

Hope you have a wonderful day, and stay sweet!


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