Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Duck the Halls with Duck Tape®!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Duck Brand®. All opinions are 100% mine.

Have you guys ever visited the Duck Tape® website? Just in case you haven't. I just recently stumbled upon it, and am so excited that I did! Sure you can find all of their products, etc. but the most fun find for me was the "Ducktivities" page. TUTORIALS GALORE!! 

I had no idea you could make so many things out of Duck® brand tape. I mean, I've seen those incredibly creative kids who make their prom outfits out of Duck Tape®, but there are tutorials for clothing, decor, crafts, purses, you name it. I'll be digging around in there for ages.

Right now I am in love with the Holiday line of Duck® brand tape. Have you seen it? It's making my holiday wrapping SO fun. Check out a few of the fun prints:

They work great for decorating boxes, bags, and baskets for gifts, but you can even use them for fun decor ideas. I'm on a huge polka dot kick right now, so I am loving the holiday dots print of Duck Tape® used as a tree garland! Check out this awesome non-poisonons alternative to that favorite holiday bloom:

Amazing, no?? And safe for homes with pets and babies. :)

Here's a story for you: My dad has always been the King at delaying present opening at Christmas time. When it came time for opening gifts at our house, Dad would set up in his chair and break out his pocket knife. Why a pocket knife? Well, he would have so much fun torturing my brother and I by cutting open each and every taped spot on his gifts, prolonging our next "turn" to open. In hindsight, it was hilarous. But this year, I win. He's going to break out that pocket knife only to be met with gifts wrapped in festive holiday Duck Tape® instead of ribbon!

If you haven't done so already, go visit Duck® Brand  online at, then go visit their Facebook Page at and "like" for great ideas, great deals, and first look at new prints.

Happy Holidays, and please feel free to send in your holiday Duck tape® creations! I would love to post them in a future Duck®-specific tutorial post!


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Friday, November 9, 2012

GIVEAWAY! Rodan & Fields, rockin' the skin care and building futures for women (and men!) everywhere!

Hey all! I've got a great person AND product to introduce to you today. Tara and I have been pals for awhile now, we go waaaay back to the old college days when we were sorority sisters so I am so excited to be sharing her new business with you all today!

* from the makers of Proactiv *

First, I would like to let Tara share her story with you, then we'll share her awesome giveaway with you. I am so inspired by what Tara is doing for herself and her family! Go for it, girlie!

Hey there birdies! My name is Tara, and I'm a registered nurse working two days a week; and because it works better for our family, I work at night.  Not having family close to us makes it hard and we have done our best not to put our kiddos into daycare.  I've managed to see all of my babies "firsts" which is what I have always wanted.  Even though my husband has a very lucrative career, we just can't seem to get ahead.  The debt just doesn't go away.  Right when we think we might be headed in the right direction something slaps us back down financially.  We want to be able to provide for our children and be comfortable in retirement. Yet on the path we are on, it seems so far fetched.  

While I was on maternity leave with my second baby, Mason, I got a congratulatory message on facebook from our friend, Beth.  She wanted to be sure I knew how strong I was to be coping with the 2 kiddos at home by myself - especially since we were in week 4 of the newborn, and the middle of the summer, which meant Kelsi wasn't in school.  She also wanted to make sure I knew about Rodan + Fields Dermatologists before I heard about it from anybody else.  I had seen some of Beth’s posts on facebook but never really questioned them.  She told me she partnered with the makers of ProActiv - this caught my interest.  She mentioned it was a ground floor opportunity - I became intrigued. She told me they don't have to stock product - I was even more intrigued. She then mentioned they don't have to have home parties – I was definitely intrigued.  Hearing all this new information about this new company, I just couldn't stop thinking about what it could do for our family; yet I was worried about what my husband would think.  Once I brought it up with him, he saw that it was a no-brainer…get in NOW while the gettin’ is good.

My goal with the money I make through my new Rodan + Fields business is to start paying down the credit card debt we have and make our lives more financially stable.  Once that's completed I'd love to stay home with my kids, but not completely quit my nursing job (just drop to PRN). Finally, since I won't be working as much helping the premature babies I love so dearly, I'd love to give my share to March of Dimes so I can continue to help make a difference in those special little lives.

Tara and her precious little family! Our boys were born only weeks apart! :)

I am always so happy to see moms working so hard for their families. For me, it is such a great reward to be able to stay home with my little ones, and I can't help but share my excitement when another mom I know steps out there to make it happen for herself too! 

So, Tara, what else can you share with us about this company and their amazing products?  

#1. I cannot say this enough: GROUND FLOOR!!!
- Rodan and Fields has only been in direct sales for ~ 3 years. Why is this such a big deal? Ok, take Mary Kay, which has been around since the 60s. They have over 1,000,000 consultants nationwide so basically anyone who joins now will never be the first in their market. R+F, on the other hand, only has ~15,000 consultants so pretty much everyone that joins will be the FIRST to introduce this company to their market. This is HUGE!! Because anti-aging is such a booming industry, Rodan and Fields has the potential to explode and if you are in from the beginning, you will be sitting pretty when the explosion occurs:)

#2. Name-brand recognition: Because the company was founded by the doctors who created Proactiv, they have instant credibility and name-brand recognition. They receive more free press than any other skincare company and this makes our job as consultant easy. I never have to worry about how to market the products- beauty magazines do that for me- and I simply post the free press on facebook, generating instant interest effortlessly. 
INCREDIBLE Anti-Aging products that get amazing results from Rodan & Fields, the makers of Proactiv.
Product Disclaimer: Results from the use of Rodan + Fields Products may vary depending upon the individual, and Rodan + Fields makes no guarantee as to the results that you may you experience. Rodan + Fields recommends that you consult with your physician or other qualified health care provider before beginning any product regimen or treatment.

#3. Virtual-based biz: This sealed the deal for me. We are NOT a home parties company and we DO NOT stock product!! I am never worried about who will host my next event or how I am going to get rid of a closet full of moisturizer. All of our sales are through our personal websites so it only takes about 2 minutes of your time to enter a new order. Not only is this efficient but it also means you can take your biz with you wherever you go: vacay, playdates, dance class, etc... without having to lug around a bunch of product. 

#4. Consumable product: Alright so I didn't know a whole lot about residual income when I started this whole thing. Like I said, I have absolutely no background in sales, but this is one of the reasons our earning potential is so great with R+F. Basically, we aim to enroll new customers in a program where they receive product every 60 days. This replenishment program is great for our customers b/c they receive 10% off and free shipping, usually around the time their products run out but its also great for us b/c we earn commission each time they receive an order. You can see how this can start adding up quickly: month 1: add 3 new customers, month 2: 3 new, month 3: 3 new + 3 from month 1, and so on...

I never thought I would go into direct sales but after my friend presented me with the opportunity, I knew I would be kicking myself down the road if I passed.  This is not a "get rich quick" scheme but I honestly believe that the potential is there for fully replacing any salary in a few years with just 10-15 hours per week. Seriously, my direct is working on earning her trip to Napa and her upline has already earned her FREE Lexus and a trip to BORA BORA!  She’s only been in this about 19 months! CRAZY!

Wow, that's pretty amazing! So you've got a couple of great offers for my readers, right?

RFx Express Business Kit, one of three startup options for your R+F business
Yes! Anyone that comes to me through The Little Birdie and wants to become a Consultant, I will put $100 towards initial their start up kit.  

Wow, $100?? That's generous! Ok guys, interested in being a consultant yourself? 
Email miss Tara Klein, Independent Consultant at: for your $100 discount! *Offer good through the end of the year, December 31, 2012*

What if someone doesn't want to be a consultant, but would like to check out these amazing products for themselves?

If consulting isn’t right for them, but products is something they’d prefer to check out.  They can become a Preferred Customer, get 10% of their products and free shipping.  For these people who mention seeing me on your blog I will pay their Preferred Customer start up fee for the first 20 Customers!

That's awesome! Ok guys, you heard the lady... the FIRST 20 PEOPLE to email Tara Klein, Independent Consultant (nursetara810@gmail.comand let her know you found R+F through The Little Birdie will get FREE enrollment into the Preferred Customer Program, earning you 10% off product purchases and FREE shipping! 

Even if you're not one of the lucky first 20, be sure to ask Tara about the Preferred Customer program, as there are LOTS of really great perks!

And be sure to check out Tara's Rodan + Fields product website here:

If you have more questions about the business end of R+F, check out Tara's business website here for Q&A, testimonials, and other important details:

Thanks so much to Tara and Rodan + Fields for sharing this amazing company with us, and offering my readers some really awesome deals! Take care!


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Almond Flour Zucchini Bread for warm Fall bellies!

Good morning all! It seems as though Fall is slowly creeping into South Texas this month and I for one could not be happier! The Fall season has always been my favorite. It's not so much about one specific event (some people love Halloween, some love the start of football season...) but more of a feeling I get. There's a specific smell in the air, a fresh crispness that only Fall has, that always reminds me of home. It's all very nostalgic. ;)

Another thing that Fall invokes for me is a desire to bake. I'm not sure if it's the fact that turning on the oven no longer creates an unbearable heat wave in the house, or the fact that the smell of baked goods just seems suitable for the season. In any case, I love it and I'm excited to share my first Fall baking recipe with you!

This one I found through one of the many Paleo/cooking/healthy eating sites that I follow, and for the life of me I cannot find the original post or the site it came from. I will happily credit the creator if I can ever figure out who that was, promise!

I love this recipe for so many reasons: It's easy, it's grain free, gluten free, lactose free, and sugar free. And best of all, it tastes AH-MAZING so you'll never know the difference, especially when they're warm and slathered with a pat of butter.

Sorry this is not the best photo, but it's hard to get good pics when you're stuffing your face with this goodness. You can make these into loaves, but you know how much I love to use my muffin tin, so of course I made muffins. These little pre-portioned snacks are just so nice and portable too.

Ingredients (makes 2 mini loaves or 12 muffins)

1-1/2 cup blanched almond flour
2 teaspoons cinnamon
1 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon nutmeg
3 eggs, beaten
1/4 cup honey
1 ripe banana
1 cup shredded, unpeeled zucchini
Preheat oven to 350 degrees Farenheit.
Combine the dry ingredients in a small bowl.
Place the wet ingredients in the bowl of a stand mixer, then beat on medium for 1-2 minutes until frothy and fully combined. Add the zucchini and beat again just enough to incorporate.
Slowly add the dry ingredients with the mixer running, until all of the flour mixture has been incorporated.
Spoon the batter into 2 mini loaf pans. You can also use this batter to make muffins.
Bake for 30-35 minutes until the middle is set and a toothpick comes out clean.

*A note about almond flour: They are all different, and each one will turn out a different color and texture of bread. If you're going for a lighter, slightly fluffier bread I would stick to something super fine and blanched like this from Digestive Wellness. If you're not so picky, you can totally use something like Bob's Redmill Almond Meal/Flour which you can find at some grocery stores, and pretty much any health food store.

Next time, I think I'll substitute pumpkin for the zucchini. While I loved the zucchini, my hubby was able to spot the "vegetables in my muffins," so the kiddos might too. Plus, who doesn't love pumpkin in Fall baking??

Have a great week!!


Monday, October 1, 2012

Gettin' Fresh with Glade Expressions!

Hey all you lovely bloggers! I've got another fun product review for you all today. This one comes from our friends at Glade. I was lucky enough to be able to try out their new line of Glade Expressions with a starter kit of the Glade Expressions Oil Diffuser (pictured below right) and a starter kit of the Glade Expressions Fragrance Mist (pictured below, left).*

Let's start with the Glade Expressions Oil Diffuser Starter Kit:

First of all, the packaging is as beautiful as the diffuser itself is. It is modern, colorful, and inviting. It would certainly be a product that I would want to check out anyway. Unfortunately, of all the stores in my area I visited trying to grab one of these, there was only one store with one "flavor" option to choose from.

I'm not sure if this was due to their newness or if they're on the way out already but I ended up with the Pineapple Mangosteen scent. However, other scents available are: Cotton & Italian Mandarin, Fugi Apple & Cardamom Spice (which I am dying to try!!), and Lavender & Juniper Berry. When I got home, set up was super easy. Seriously, like one click and you're ready to go. The Pineapple Mangosteen scent started coming through right away so I tucked the diffuser off into my studio to let it get to work.

So pretty up there with all my fabric and notions!

A few hours later, I came in to find my whole studio was filled with a heavenly scent of pineapple and mangosteen. I LOVED it!! Over the course of the next couple of days, I was pleasantly surprised every time I popped in to my fruity fresh smelling studio.

I only give 3 stars for this one though, and that is due to the fact that the scent didn't stay very strong for very long. The first two days were amazing, but by now (4-5 days later) I can't smell anything unless I put the diffuser up to my face. So, that was disappointing. There's still plenty of fluid in the refill, and it still smells great up close but I wish I could smell it throughout the room like I could at first. My studio is a small-ish room that stays closed off so I would expect something like this to be noticeable every time I come in. Oh well! It was really nice while it lasted, and I do hope to check out some of the other scent options when this one runs out.

I also had the opportunity with this campaign to try out the new Glade Expressions Fragrance Mist. When I went to pick up my Fragrance Mist starter kit there was only one scent in stock, the Cotton & Italian Mandarin, so I grabbed that one and hurried home to check it out. However, this one also comes in Pineapple Mangosteen, Fugi Apple & Cardamom Spice (which I am dying to try!!), and Lavender & Juniper Berry.

The packaging, or starter kit container, is very pretty. I particularly like the fact that you can easily remove the label to leave the curvaceous mister sleek, white, and perfectly lovely for leaving out in plain sight. After unwrapping it, I immediately took it apart to get familiar with the refill process. (This might just be my favorite part!) All you have to do is unscrew the bottom, pull out the empty can, insert the new can, and screw the bottom back on. It's so easy, and you never have to purchase another mister even if you decide to switch fragrances. (unless of course you need an extra for another room!)

The sleek design of the mister is easy to squeeze, and produced a very fine mist perfect for spraying in any room. I absolutely love the Cotton & Italian Mandarin fragrance. It's fresh like clean laundry with just a hint of fruity citrus to make the whole room smell clean and fresh. The scent itself seems to linger nicely as well, for much longer than other room sprays I have tried in the past. That feature is especially nice when you live with stinky boys! haha!

I will definitely be using and purchasing these Glade Expressions products in the future, and would happily recommend them to anyone and everyone who likes to use this type of product. I hope that my local store restocks so I can try out the other scents as well!

I hope you all are having a wonderful week!!


*These products were provided to me at no cost for review. All opinions are 100% mine.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

UNREAL- an Unjunked approach to candy

*This post is written on behalf of UNREAL candy. I received promotional product for review. All opinions are 100% mine.

Hello there bloggy friends! I have a brand spanking new product to review for you today, and if any of you are like me, you're going to enjoy it. UNREAL candy.

Why is it called UNREAL? Well, probably because it's so unreal how tasty it is. Especially considering it doesn't have any of the "junk" that really makes candy junk food... but more on that later.

UNREAL has a small line of candy products made to mirror some of your mainstream favorites. For example:

UNREAL 5: A caramel and nougat bar covered in chocolate. You may be familiar with something similar called, "Milky Way."

UNREAL 8: A caramel and nougat bar with peanuts, covered in chocolate. You may be familiar with something similar called "Snickers."
UNREAL 41: Chocolate covered in a candy shell. You may be familiar with something similar called, "M&M's."
UNREAL 54: Peanuts and chocolate covered in a candy shell. You may be familiar with something similar called, "Peanut M&M's."

UNREAL 77: Peanut butter and chocolate cup. You may be familiar with something similar called, "Reese's Cups."
See where we're going here? These are taken directly from your grocery store favorites, but upgraded and unjunked to give you a much more wholesome experience. Why do I keep saying they're "unjunked"? Well...

UNREAL candies have:

NO corn syrup
NO partially hydrogenated oil
NO artificial ingredients
NO preservatives

And while their calorie content is also lower than mainstream varieties, I promise that you won't miss any of the junk from your regulars. This is NOT diet food, this is food made with safe, natural ingredients.

I was fortunate enough to get to try them all (hey, I can indulge once in a while, no?) and found them all pretty enjoyable. My favorite by far was UNREAL 8, the Snickers type. YUM! With deliciously creamy caramel, fluffy nougat, and perfect chocolate, I would even venture to say the UNREAL 8 is better than the Snickers. That's just my two cents. ;) The trick, I think, is to not compare them too hard. I liked that they are a completely new take on old favorites, and more importantly, that they're not packed with all kinds of cheap junk.

I hope you all are having a great week, and I hope you'll go check out for more info, and where to buy UNREAL- the unjunked candy!


Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Sweet Start to dumping the baby weight! Nectresse 100% Natural, Zero Calorie Sweetener

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Nectresse™ Sweetener. All opinions are 100% mine.

Well, it's that time again. Back to School? Nope. Back to pre-baby body time! It's been 8 weeks since Little Man was born, and I've spent those 8 weeks loving on him and relaxing while my body heals. Now that I'm feeling great again it's time to get this body back in Super Mommy shape!

Recently, I was sent a sample box of NECTRESSE™Sweetener to try out and review for all you lovely people.

Nectresse product family.jpg

NECTRESSE™Sweetener is the first and only 100% natural sweetener made from fruit- monk fruit, that is, available anywhere you shop. Now, since I personally had no idea what a monk fruit is, I don't expect you to either. Here's a pic:

The monk fruit is a small green melon that historically, has been grown on vines in the remote regions of Asia for hundreds of years. Cute, huh? It's sweet too, and zero calories when found in NECTRESSE™Sweetener, as well as about 150 times as sweet as sugar, so it doesn't take much!

Full disclaimer here: I abhor sweetners. If it's not real sugar, it's not for me. I've just never been a fan. I'll take my iced tea plain and bitter over artificial any day. Nectresse sweetener, on the other hand, I actually LIKE! It looks just like sugar, and dissolves really fast- which is great for beverages.

Since iced tea is a staple in my afternoon routine, I decided to take it to my favorite glass of iced tea for the taste test. I have a Keurig machine, so I love to use the Celestial Seasons Brew-Over-Ice Unsweetened Black Tea. I use a full cup of ice, add one teaspoon of lemon juice, and this time, 2 packets of NECTRESSE™Sweetener. Stir and enjoy! Easy peasy.

If you're interested in trying NECTRESSE™Sweetener for yourself, scoot your mouse over to and sign up for your very own FREE sample of NECTRESSE™Sweetener. How nice is that?

But don't stop there. Check out their recipe section as well, they have tons of options for recipe modifications using NECTRESSE™Sweetener, from breakfast to dinner and, of course, dessert! Here are a few that I can't wait to try out:

Raspberry Mustard Vinagrette
umpkin Walnut Pancakes
Pomegranate Iced Green Tea

Yum, right?

Be sure to check out this fun message from NECTRESSE™Sweetener spokesperson, Lisa Ling. Channel One, anyone?? ;) Lisa has a long family history of diabetes, so she is super excited about Nectresse as an alternative, all natural, no calorie sweetener.

Hope you have a wonderful day, and stay sweet!


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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sponsored Post: SHOUT® it out!! (a.k.a. save your sanity at laundry time)

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Triad Retail Media. All opinions are 100% mine.

So I can assume that most of you have kids, right? If so, you know that laundry time can be frustrating as you pull garment after garment of stained clothing out of the basket. My MOST favorites are the ones with red juice spilled down the front that have been wadded up and thrown in the basket without my knowing, and my husbands work shirts. Did I mention that my husband is a contractor? You wouldn't believe how dirty this man gets clothing.

I haaaaaaaate laundry. I hate it. It's not so much the putting of the clothes into the washer and dryer, but all the little details you have to keep up with so you don't ruin every load. Pre-soaking (which is practicaly impossible when the little dirty ones get snuck by you until laundry day), folding, hanging, fabric softener, sorting colors, blah blah blah.

Thankfully, Shout® Trigger has my back. Otherwise, there might not be any clean clothes to put on it. It's Triple-Acting formula clings to fabrics, penetrates those set in stains, and starts lifting them out before the water even starts running. All this without damaging your colors or sensitive fabrics. Impressive, right?


***available at Wal-Mart stores everywhere!***


I have been a Shout® fan for many, many years but it seems like the just keep getting better. I use the Shout® Color Catchers when coloring and laundering my onesies, and I even have some little individually packaged wipeys that Shout® makes that I keep in my purse for emergencies on-the-go. If you're looking to save yourself some time, some money, and some hair pulling on laundry day, try Shout® Trigger (found at Wal-Mart stores nationwide) for all those little laundry messes. It's one less step to worry about.

And hey, you never know, Shout® may be the first to come out with that magical laundry folder and hanger that we all can only dream about...

Happy Laundering!!


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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Long Overdue Update...

Hello my lovely blogger pals! I know, it's been FAR too long since I posted, but I hope you can forgive me as I at least have a little update for you today. :)

Well, last you heard I was working on my Zulily order. It was hard work, and I don't think I could have gotten it all done without the help of my amazing hubbs. After the shipment went out, I crashed and burned. Tooooo many late night and long days I thought. After a couple of weeks went by and I was still smoldering from the "crash" I started to wonder about myself. So, I did what any woman would do in that situation... I took a pregnancy test.

Yes, that's right! We're having another baby! It's a boy, and he's due in early July! We could not be happier and Aubrey is super excited about her "Bebe Bubba" coming soon. ;)

Much like my first pregnancy, this one has been difficult. I assumed it would be but thought I knew what to expect, at least. I was wrong. So here I am at about 26 weeks, still having full-on all day morning sickness, sinus issues, and pretty major weight loss. All manageable symptoms of course but still makes for difficult days, especially while chasing a toddler and keeping up with my business too. So, sadly, the ol' blog has had to take a backseat while I limp through this 9 month stretch.

In an extra fun added bonus, my lump has been acting up as well. I'm not sure if I've ever posted about this before but I have a fibroadenoma tumor in my right breast. It's been there about 5 years, and has been tested and found to be benign so normally I don't even think about it, even though it's about the size of a golf ball! However, the nature of this type of tumor causes it to react to fluctuations in hormones. This pregnancy has been so different with a boy and I guess I have more hormonal action going on, because the lump has swelled to nearly twice it's size, subsequently becoming extremely painful as well. Long story short, I've been talking with an oncological surgeon discussing my options for removal, though for obvious reasons it will have to wait until after the baby is born.

So there you have it. I SO miss blogging and I miss getting to interact with you amazing readers every week, but I just don't have it in me to keep up. I have been collecting ideas, recipes, and all the fun things I like to post about so I can jump right back in in a few months. :)

Feel free to keep the emails coming (we've had TONS of new followers, visitors, and questions from Pinterest!) and I'll keep responding to each of you personally! Also, if anyone would like to do some guest posting, let me know!

In the meantime, best wishes to you all for a wonderful spring and summer and much love from me to you!!

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