Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday & Linky Party - DIY Maxi Dress

Good morning, bloggers! I have a really awesome tutorial to share with you today. I know you're going to be shocked, but it's not something baby-related! It's a full grown sewing project, it's super fast, WAY cheap, and easy enough for anyone to do.

The DIY Maxi Dress

Now, I don't know about you guys but I have had the hardest time letting of my maternity tank tops. I love them. For me, it's comfort and coverage. Being rather, how should I say this... "top heavy" I have always struggled to find tops that can accommodate the load, lol, and offer me some decent coverage without showing my bra straps. Until I got pregnant, I just assumed I would never find this magic tank. Then came the world of maternity clothing. I can't really wear any of it anymore as it all looks funny, but I just couldn't let go of the tanks. So I decided to modify! :)

What makes this project so easy is the fact that you're using an already constructed shirt. No arm holes to sew, no serious measurements, and no trying to pin while wearing. Nice. :)

Materials List
  1. Tank top or t-shirt that fits you well. 
  2. 1 full yard (at least) of coordinating fabric. I used a jersey knit so it's stretchy and forgiving. ;)
    • A note on the skirt fabric: I used an entire yard because I planned to ruffle it to give the dress some fullness and movement, and not have it be too fitted. You can use more or less as you like, and as measurements allow. 
  3. Coordinating thread. Though it can really be any color because it doesn't show.
  4. The usual suspects: sewing machine, scissors, measuring tape
Here we go... Photos reflect instructions from left to right and top to bottom.

Tutorial Instructions:
  1. Choose your shirt and fabric.
  2. Try on your shirt and make a mark where you want your skirt to start. Then draw a guide line across the shirt and cut through, removing the bottom half.
  3. Since we're using the entire yard, fold the long sides of your fabric together and hem together to make a giant tube. I used a regular running stitch twice, and then serged the ends together for extra sturdiness. You can also use a zig-zag stitch in place of serging.
  4. Next, decide which end of the tube will be your at your waist, and sew a single line all the way around, being careful not to overlap at the seam. Pull the ends of the thread to ruffle until it fits your waist measurement.
  5. Now, turn your tube inside out (if it's not already), and put your tank inside the tube with the right sides facing each other and the open ends matched up. Pin together securely.
  6. Sew together the tank and fabric tube. You can probably use just about any stitch for this, but I used my #9 which is like a slanted zig-zag stitch. This stitch will give you a little stretch, which is good when dealing with knits and jersey fabric.
  7. You can see the finished #9 hem in box #7. Now trim your threads, and any errant fabric.
  8. Turn right side out and inspect your hems.
  9. You can hang and measure for a bottom hem, but it's not necessary. I didn't because for one, jersey doesn't fray so it doesn't need a hem, and secondly, I have such long legs that my whole yard was just about the right length to hit my toes. When it comes to dresses, I like 'em long and swishy!
And that's it! You're finished! How easy was that? Now have fun dressing it up, or wearing it plain... there's nothing this fun maxi dress can't do. 

Now it's your turn! Link up your projects below for this week's linky party!

Linky Guidelines:
  1. Please feel free to link up as many projects as you would like!
  2. Please link directly to your project post, it makes them much easier for everyone to find.
  3. Please no etsy shops, or generic blog links. Specific posts links only.
  4. Visit someone else's link and share the bloggy love!
  5. Grab yourself a button and post it in your project post or on your blog. Optional of course, but the more we share the party, the more people see your posts! :)
  6. Have fun!!
Have a great week!!



Sarah @ Sarahndipities said...

Looks so cute!! Great idea!!

Abby said...

Super cute! I like the fabric you used for the skirt part, very fun colors

Jordan McCollum said...

Great idea using the shirt! I love the bright stripes in the fabric, too!

Shannon @ sillygeesedesigns said...

That looks so easy! I have one Maxi, but I am so short they are hard to find that I don't walk on 2-4 inches of hem.
I've made similar dress's for my kids, I never thought to do it for me!

Lauren said...

Wow, this tutorial looks simple enough, even for me. I'm currently trying to master making a onesie into a dress. Two tries, and well, we're getting there. I've got this guy pinned for future reference. Thanks for sharing. Stopping by from Sew Chatty's linky party.

Marie said...

Love how it turned out! Thanks so much for linking up with us at Show & Share! Hope you’re joining us again this week!


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