Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday with Tori from Busy B Family!

Welcome back everyone! We are finally all moved in, and have some MUCH needed internet access. I have seriously been having withdrawals for the last week. Ack! So without further ado, I would like to turn this week's Tutorial Tuesday over to the super sweet Tori from Busy B Family. Take it away Tori!

Hello all Little Birdie Blog readers!  I’m Tori from Busy B Family and Rachael was kind enough to let me invade her space today!  I started my blog as a “scrapbook” when my little boy was a few months old and instead of having a separate blog for crafts, I just throw them on here every once in a while!  (So if you go there and don’t want to see my kids, just click on crafts and you can see them there!)  Before having my own blog, I was strictly a blog stalker for years, which was great but I LOVE having a little outlet for creativity and memories all in one place. 
A few months ago I had a whole bunch of those cute little mini cereal boxes and made some storage box magnets for my fridge.  They were SO easy and quick, and I have gotten so many compliments on them!  Even better, you really can use stuff laying around your house to decorate them!

After making those, I thought it would be nice to have a specific place to put all those pesky take out menu’s from restaurant's.  Cause if you’re anything like me, I never can seem to find the one I need when I want it!  So why not make something?!  So, here we go!
For mine, I used a graham cracker box and Pop Tart box  (since I’m a good daughter, my mom gets one!)
Here’s the supplies you’ll need:
Boxes –whatever size you want!
Cute paper
Glue stick (or Mod Podge – that’s what I used on the cereal boxes, either are fine!)
Decorations of your liking
Letters of some kind
Transfer paper

I cut the top off the box and about another 3/4 of an inch

Mark on your paper about where you’ll need the height to be

Cut your strip and glue it on

Go ahead and glue it around the sides and onto the back.  I used 12” paper and this is how far around the back it wrapped.  It’s okay that it doesn’t cover, cause you’ll never see the back!


I originally cut out 2 strips of contrasting paper but only ended up using one

This is what it will look like after gluing your paper on

For the Pop Tart box, I did the same thing.

I added a few decorative stick on jewels to each box and then got my letters ready.
I used my Make the Cut software for the letters and cut them out on my Cricut (love that thing!).

After peeling off the excess vinyl, use either transfer tape or contact paper to stick it on your box

Pop Tart box

Graham cracker box

I had a leftover magnet sheet, so that’s what I used but you could use any type of magnet, just make sure they’re strong enough to stay up!

Cut it close to the size of the back of your box

Mine has a sticky back but you can definitely use hot glue to attach it

Here it is compared to my original mini cereal boxes

And the final products!

Easy enough right?  And best of all, you can pretty much use up your scraps and recycle your kids snack boxes and breakfast cereal boxes!

My next idea?  I wonder if file folders would fit in a regular size cereal box (ya know, turned on its side?)?  I think it would be great for each family member to have their own folder, so you’d always know where “stuff” was! hmmm.
Thanks SO much Rachael for having me today! I’m so extremely flattered you’d allow me to take over for the day!
I hope you’ll come visit me at Busy B Family! Stop in and say hi and let me know if you make these (or any form of them!), I’d love to see them!

Thanks so much Tori! What an awesome idea! I know at my house when it comes to take out (which unfortunately, happens alot!!) I am always finding myself rummaging through drawers for the menus. I will definitely be trying this one out!

Be sure to go check out Tori's blog for her other great projects and tutorials!

Now it's your turn! I am so excited to be re-launching the Tutorial Tuesday linky party after our little hiatus. Like I said, I am in serious withdrawal!! haha! So link up, grab yourself a button, and spread the word! Tute Tuesday is BACK! :)



Sarah @ Sarahndipities said...

I love this idea! Maybe I'll make one for each of my kids...

Ashley said...

love the boxes:) perfect for my kitchen...totally going on my to go list..thanks:)

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Congratulations on being chosen as one of the winners in our button give-away competition.

Please could you let me know which postal address to send your buttons to.

Many thanks and warm regards,
Tamara and the ButtonMad Team

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