Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What I Pinned {Wednesday}

Hi all! I hope you're having a great week so far, it's hump-day so at least we know we're halfway to the weekend! For this week's edition of "What I Pinned {Wednesday}" I'm sharing some pins from my "Green Living" board.

Like me, I know many of you out there are always looking for ways to leave less of a mark on the earth, live more self-sustained lifestyle, and maybe save some $$ along the way. Hopefully some of these links are helpful, and as an added bonus I've added a litte linky party below where you can add any "green living" tips or links that you would like to share with me!

If you link up some of your own tips and tricks for green living, I'll catalog them and put them all together for a very special "Green Living" series coming this Fall!

Here's what I have to share this week. If you'll notice, all these links are conveniently laid out like a road map to a successful, natural garden! (click the photos for pinterest-provided links):

DIY Winter Greenhouse for about $50
{great for leafy greens, and keeping a stock of fresh veggies through the winter!}

DIY Rain Collection Barrels
{because when you're in the middle of a huge drought, regular water just doesn't cut it}

35 DIY Pest, Disease and Weed Remedies
{to keep those plants and veggies bug-free, disease-free, and healthy!}

Web Resource for How to Can ANYTHING!
{so you'll get the most out of your garden or grocery trip}

Home made substitutes for your grocery store staples.
{because less time in the grocery store is always a plus... at least for this Momma!}

Kitchen Countertop Compost Collector
{no more stinky mess, and no more trips out to the compost bin after dark when it's 40 degrees out!}

And even though it has nothing to do with your garden, this is one of my favorites:

A Comprehensive List of DIY cleaners and solutions for your home!
{because don't you feel better knowing what your family is being exposed to? I do.}

Feel free to link up any of your "Green Living" 
projects, ideas, recipes, or links below!

PLEASE, no unrelated posts, they'll just get deleted anyway. ;)

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Jess said...

Hi my name is Jess and I am a Pinterest addict. :) I just had to tell you that I am LOVING your blog lately (even more than usual ;) - keep it up!

Rachael @ The Little Birdie said...

Haha! Me too... I swear I lose hours just looking at stuff and pinning away. So glad you're enjoying the blog, Jess! I've really been having fun putting it together lately! :)

Meagan said...

Hey Rachael! I'd love an invite to Pinterest! I keep hearing so much about it that I'm gonna have to find out what the deal is for myself! Thanks!

Coley said...

love this article. I'm all about chemical-free living and can't wait to read more of your blog :)

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