Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Crafts!

Usually for me the Christmas season is full of hustle and bustle, and scrambling around at the last minute. I never feel prepared, and I never get the chance to do anything "extra" just for fun. Last year was my first year as a "Stay at Home" but even then I was pregnant, and not really feeling up to doing anything productive, LOL!

Anyway, so this year I was feeling SUPER motivated! I have been doing projects constantly, and I can't wait to share them with you. (What? You thought I was a one trick pony with the oneisies? Nope!) LOL! Some of them will have to wait, as they are gifts and well, you just never know who may be peeking in on your blog. But for starters, I can at least show off my wreaths! (Please excuse my pics, I haven't gotten any really good shots yet, these are direct from my cell phone!)

Fluffy Felt Wreath

This one is made from felt, ribbon, stick pins, and a styro wreath form I found it on the Domestifluff blog, and if you want to make your own, you can find the tutorial here. It was pretty easy, just a little tedious and time consuming. In spite of that, I absolutely LOVE it! I'm thinking of doing another one in red!

Red Burlap Wreath 
(with felt flower)

This is the super-easy, "anyone-can-do-it" wreath. Seriously. It might have taken me an hour to do this one, so don't be afraid. Go for it! It's made from red burlap, a wire hanger, ribbon, and felt flower. That's it! I found the idea for this one from Life on the Ridge Side, and you can find a super easy tutorial to make this wreath here.

I was sort of feeling like it was missing something, so I added the flower after I had a chance to look at it hanging for a couple of days. It too is very easy! If you want to add a flower to your wreath, you can find a tutorial here: Flower pin tutorial

I've got AT LEAST 2 more wreaths I want to make, but they're not holiday specific, so I may have to wait on those while I finish up my plethora of other projects. haha!


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ESVAlovers said...

Both of these wreaths are amazing. Thanks so much for posting them. Can't wait to try making both!

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