Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Custom Orders

As much as I love coming up with designs and sharing them with the world, I love making custom orders even more! It's fun to see what someone else's take on one of my designs is, so it's fun for me to put a new spin onto something I'm so used to making one way.

The most popular request I have is for color change. As silly as it sounds, something as simple as a color change can really transform the whole look of the design. Here are some examples:

My favorite change was probably the "Om"; I initially designed it in bright blue, but one customer's request for lime green had me ready to re-list in the new color!

The "Ribbons" were also a fun (and obvious) change. I started with the pink ribbon onesie to help raise money for breast cancer research in the month of October; then as a gift for a friend who's husband is in the military, I did it in yellow as well! Now her little girl will be able to proudly display the fact that her Daddy is a hero! :)

What a small change for such big results! I'm definitely looking forward to more custom requests as the holidays roll through this year! :)

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