Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thankful Thursday - 3/3/11

I must say, I really enjoyed my list of "the little things" last week. It sort of put me in the frame of mind to see life through those eyes. All week I've been making little mental notes every time one of those little things makes me smile. So... I'm going to go with that for awhile on Thankful Thursdays. I really think it makes me more positive, if not happier. And hey, we can all use a little of that, right? :)

1. My sweet Baby A. She's 9 months old today. I can hardly believe it. It's gone by so fast already! I'm afraid to close my eyes or she'll be getting ready for prom when I open them back up. She makes my life so amazing in so many ways, and it is truly a pleasure and an honor to call myself her mommy. Of course, she and hubby are always seated squarely at the top of my list, this week she deserves a special shout out.

2. Three grey hairs just to the left of where my hair parts. Funny thing to be thankful for? Maybe. But their appearance means I'm living life. They are footprints on the road behind me and I've earned them. I'm hoping someday {far into the future, please!} that they turn into a streak. Oh how I would love a streak of grey someday! haha!

3. Sunshine. Although I am seriously terrified of what this unseasonably warm weather means for the coming summer, I really am enjoying all the beautiful sunshine streaming in the windows. There's nothing like natural light in your workspace to make you feel all yummy.

4. Skype. My immediate family lives far. Too far. I personally hate it. But Skype makes it easier. Baby A and I "hung out" with my Daddy for like 4 hours Saturday morning on Skype. He nailed it when he said, "This is kind of like being there with y'all! Just missing the hugs!" Right on! I love technology! Baby A will never feel too far from her Grampa & Gigi, and for that I am eternally thankful!

5. Nap time. Yes, I do heart nap time. I am always amazed at the sheer volume of things I can get done in those 3 to 4 hours a day. I feel like as soon as Baby A goes down, I go into turbo mode! With her increasing mobility and curiosity, it's about the only time I have all day to get things done. But what fun we have in between!

I hope you all are having a fantastic week!! Be sure to leave your thanks in the comments, I do love hearing how wonderful you all are doing out there! :)



Brandy @ OceanBelle said...

I'm thankful for my daughter, the internet, my freedom, comfy vegan slippers, and my health.

Lei said...

Here from Tatertots and Jello! THose are wonderful things to be thankful for!!! So nice to meet you, I LOVE your etsy shop!!!

Sarah M. said...

Hi! I'm here from Tatertots and Jello. You're little girl is absolutely adorable!

Rachael @ The Little Birdie said...

Thanks ladies! And welcome! :) I hope you'll stick around for more fun!

♥Lola said...

I'm here from Tatertots and Jello. I just love your blog! Way too adorable. :) And I have to agree with the grey hairs. I sorta love my little grey/white hairs that poke out, just at the oddest times.

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