Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What I Pinned {Wednesday}

It may have been a couple of weeks since I've posted a "What I Pinned {Wednesday}," but rest assured I have still been pinning like crazy! Right now I'm kind of on a bathroom kick. I think it's because every time I'm in our bathroom I'm dreaming of ways to fix it up and make it more suitable to our my taste.

Our master bath has some seriously hideous wallpaper. Not just wallpaper, but floor-to-ceiling wallpaper AND a floral border. I know. It's all rose and hunter green, circa 1990's. But it has an amazingly huge (and deep!) garden tub, and plenty of room to play, so I'm on the hunt for some awesome inspiration. Here are some incredible bathrooms I've found and pinned recently.

{Click photos for links through Pinterest}

We won't be doing anything drastic like re-tiling or flooring, but I LOVE these colors and those scalloped tiles are absolutely incredible! Look at the detailing in the flooring!

I love the rustic feel of this bathroom. The barn wood covered wall and natural stone tub structure make me feel all earthy and cozy inside, haha! It's perfect with a little greenery, and white accents.

Speaking of earthy, check out this eclectic tiling pattern. It's so natural looking, and I just love the "randomness" of the pattern. P.S. I think the sink would be awesome in any bathroom!

Huge tub AND a fireplace? 'Nuff said...

Another "natural" bathroom... I love the open concept, and the pebble flooring with the stone walls would make me feel like I was showering in my waterfall again!

I love the contrast in this bathroom. The grey is stark but soft and the white allows the natural elements (the basket, wood bench, plants, etc.) in this room to stand out. 

So far, I think this is my most realistic favorite. We wouldn't have to change too much, but it would give the bathroom a much needed facelift. The green is so fresh, and when coupled with the white it just brightens up the whole space. 

If you're not familiar with Pinterest, go here for more info. And if you're already on Pinterest, come find me or leave me your link in the comments so I can come follow along with all of your finds!



Brandy @ OceanBelle said...

Fireplace next to the tub? I would have a bath every night!

Rachael @ The Little Birdie said...

You and me both, girl! I would MAKE the time for a setup like that!! :)

Jenn Marie said...

first, thank you SO MUCH for the bloggy love and stopping by! I'm following you back and totally loving your site :0) and i've shown no interest in trying to figure out what pinterest was .... until now. in. love. time for me to sign up!!!

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