Friday, April 29, 2011

Taking a break!

Boy am I busy today. It's always the last day before the show when I get the most done. However, I needed a little break so I thought I would come visit.

Despite all the craziness going on around here this week {including me having a back spasm, paperwork deadlines, and Baby A cutting her first top tooth} I have really only been thinking about one thing...

A new house.

I haven't told anyone else this because nothing is for sure yet, but I have to admit I am distracted and daydreaming thinking about a house we looked at this week. I have been on pins and needles for DAYS waiting to find out if we're going to get it, but I can't help daydreaming. Do you do that?

I mean, as of now we have nothing set in stone but already I'm dreaming of decorating, new furniture projects, and the new aspects of life that come with a move. Oh, but I haven't even told you the best part yet...

If we get this house, I will finally have A STUDIO!!! I have soooooo many ideas....

{Can you tell I like bright, airy spaces with bold pops of color? LOL}

No more working out of the corner of our bedroom, no more tripping over boxes of fabric and incoming merchandise and review pieces everywhere. Hubby and I will finally have a whole room to pursue our creative endeavors! So needless to say I am totally keeping my fingers crossed, praying praying and praying some more, and trying to stay positive all the while also trying not to get my hopes up too high on this.

There are about 100 reasons why this would be a perfect situation for us, so we are both hoping for the best! The owners are super nice, and said they would let us know something this weekend so hopefully we hear something soon!

For now I guess I'll get back to work sewing, dyeing, and packaging... but rest assured I'll be daydreaming all the while... :)

Happy Friday! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


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