Friday, April 1, 2011

Thankful Thursday - 3/31/11 or, er, Friday...

Guys, I am SO sorry. I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off this week, and add an always fun surprise visit from my Aunt F, and it's been a heckofa week. I thought all day Wednesday that it was Thursday and all day Thursday that it was Friday. So I mucked it up this week. Forgive me? I'm here bright and early today to make up for it!

Despite the craziness this week, I feel like I've gotten a ton accomplished, so I'm pretty happy with where I'm sitting today facing the weekend and I have lots to be thankful for!

1. I finally finished my Spring wreath! {pictures and tutorial coming Tuesday!}
2. Did a little wall-photo rearranging, and played with my Silhouette to create a fun little vinyl project that I love. Little by little, I WILL get better at working that thing! haha!

{terribly dark hall makes for terrible photos, but you get the idea ;) }
3. Got a box in the mail... full of FABRIC!! YAY!!
4. Got my Valspar pack in the mail! YAY again! {visit the Valspar Facebook page to sign up for your free stuff!}

Free paint sample in your choice of colors
Free packet of coordinating color swatches
Free mini-roller with replacement head and roller tray
$5 off coupon for your next gallon!

No foolin'! Go check it out. Who doesn't love free stuff?

5. And last but certainly not least, after two weekends in a row of hubby working on his truck, he's finally finished! I have never been so amazed by this man, and I am amazed alot, let me tell you. He did an entire engine replacement, start to finish all by himself. What a ROCKSTAR! I am so thankful to have a man who can do anything. Seriously. I have yet to find something he can't do. Here are some of my favorite pics from his project.

Which means... FAMILY WEEKEND! Just me, the hubbs, and our little dumpling enjoying every minute of the next 3 days. Thank you Lord! :)

I hope you all have an amazing weekend and are thankful for all the blessings in your life!!


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Jaime @ I'm a Mom not a Professional said...

Visiting from the blog hop at the girl creative, Have a wonderful weekend!

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