Monday, April 11, 2011

Making Your Own Tags & A WINNER!

Happy Monday Everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful, stress-free weekend and are ready for a fun week ahead! I'm sure you're all anxious to see who our OceanBelle Tree of Hope winner is, so let's not waste any time!

Thanks to for choosing....
And our winner is...

#10, Kelli
Who said...

Congrats, Kelli! Shoot me an email in the next 48 hours to claim your prize!

Now on to the Monday fun!

I've seen lots of talk going on in blog land, on facebook, and in the etsy forums about product labels. I'm not talking about CIPSA regulation stuff, but something cute and easy to put on your products to really make them your own. I had been thinking about it quite some time when I came across this:

Sew-In, colorfast, printable fabric sheets! Perfect! I'm always a sucker for doing it yourself!! Only $8.99 per pack at Hobby Lobby, and with your trusty online 40% off coupon, like $5. Pretty good for all the labels you can get out of this package! I think I got like 70 labels from one sheet alone.

There are instructions on the package, but I'll go ahead and roll through them so you can see just how easy it was to do this little project...

First you're going to want to design your image on the computer. You can use whatever software you're comfortable in. I used pixlr {free online illustrator software} to design the logo and then imported it into a Word document so I could format the logo into an 8x12" printable format.

Each sheet is white, so keep that in mind when designing your logo to be printed onto the page. Also, probably not a bad idea to print a test page just to make sure everything is lined up properly and you have enough room to cut between the tags. PRINT.

Once your sheet is finished printing, let it dry and peel the paper backing from the fabric.
{Here comes the weird part...}
In order to make your design colorfast, you must rinse fabric gently in cold water. Lay flat to dry and dab excess moisture with a cry towel.

See? Easy. Now iron over your fabric using the highest setting possible. TA-DA! Done.

Now, just take your rotary cutter and go to town until you have a whooooole bunch of little taggies. Then, sew them on to your {whatever you make} and you have a fully branded piece of merchandise.

{forgive the terrible stiching here... I was having a little disagreement with my machine tension, haha!}
Now, of course you can always order yourself some fancy, pre-folded satin labels in an array of colors from any of about a million online shops. I know this. I also know that costs alot, and in most cases you don't get to see the actual finished product until it ships to you. This is just a quick and easy, low-commitment alternative that only costs around 2 cents per label.

Thanks again to Brandy at OceanBelle for sponsoring our latest giveaway! Those of you who didn't win today and would like to purchase from her shop can find a link to OceanBelle in my sidebar!

See ya tomorrow for another tutorial and linky party!!


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Rachel said...

Thank you so much for this--I made a quilt for my baby before he was born and wanted to make a tag for it, but didn't know how . . . so I just did an iron-on (onto twill tape) but the words completely peeled off the FIRST time I washed it :-( This looks like it would have worked SO much better! Well, now I know for next time!

Rachel @ Maybe Matilda

Kelli said...

yay!! thanks so much! i just sent you an email!!

Brandy @ OceanBelle said...

I am one of those people who cuts tags before my new items fully get out of the bag. I really like these little tags!!!! I would definitely leave these ones on!

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