Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thankful Thursday - 2/10/11

It always amazes me when Thursday rolls around again... I seriously do not know where the time goes!! This Thursday I am thinking about my Etsy Shop. This week marks the 6 month-iversary of the Little Birdie Baby Shop! Again... how time flies!

So much has happened in the last 6 months, and I can hardly wrap my head around where I am now in such a short period of time. Never in my wildest dreams did I think my cutesy little onesie hobby would amount to what it has. Every day amazes me, and every day I am so thankful that I have been able to pursue my dream.

I've met so many wonderful people, both through shopping and through networking. I've made new friends, had new experiences, and had my creativity jump started almost daily. It's so wonderful to be surrounded by like-minded people, not to mention people who are supportive, fun, and so, so nice!

So here I am raising my glass (of honey-lemon tea... champagne is a no go when you've got the winter crud, haha!) to the fruits of the last 6 months, and toasting to all the unknown things that the next 6 months will bring!!

Wishing to all of you the very best of wishes, the most sincerest of thanks, and loads of success in following your own dreams!!



pennywishes said...

Congrats on 6 months!! Your shop is adorable. I'll cheers to you with my mug of tea (also trying to get rid of the winter crud)!


Rachael said...

Haha! Glad I'm not the only one sticking to my tea! ;) Thanks Kerry! :)

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