Friday, January 21, 2011

What's Today???

Well it's my birthday, that's what it is!! 

That's right... today I am turning the big 2-9!!

No, really. 

For reals 29, not like I-started-turning-29-five-years-ago-and-I'm-still-celebrating, haha! Although, maybe you should check back with me in five years, I may very well still be 29 then!!

I wish I had more to share with you all on my very special day, but I think my readership is just not there yet. However, I am so thankful for each and every one of you here supporting me and my little quest for craftiness! My goal for next year's BIG 3-0 is to have enough participating followers to do something really fun. I'm thinking GIVEAWAYS, baby! I mean, what better way to celebrate someone else's birthday than by getting free stuff? ;)

What I CAN do is share the Birthday love by giving everyone else a gift from me! How does 25% off all orders placed today, Jan. 21st. sound?? YAY! Just use coupon code: BIRTHDAY2011, YAY again! (I needed one more YAY this morning!)

Until next time, I am happy to have survived another crazy year, and am excited to find out what this year holds for me! Have a piece of cake for me, and don't skimp on the ice cream, okay? I mean, how many times do you actually turn 29??? ;)




Lille Diane said...

Happy Birthday, Rachael!!! It only gets better! Honest! Love your blog. It's so bright, and cheery. Let me know when you have some Hope Rocks up on your blog. I'll link back to you. I can just imagine how sweet they will be~

Celebrate and dance to the music! Eat TWO pieces of cake. It will keep your thighs balanced. <3 Lille

Rachael said...

Thanks Lillie!! I'm glad you stopped by!! I am frantically searching for my camera cord so I can upload my Hope Rocks pictures! Yay!

Thanks for the advice on the cake, I think I WILL eat two pieces, thankyouverymuch... how can I argue with that logic? ;)

Lille Diane said...

Sweet!!! Just shoot me out an email or pop over & leave a comment when you get them posted. I know your Hope Rocks will be awesome as well as where you pick to leave them. Now I need to go check out Aubrey. xx Lille

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